About Eurofins | BLC Chemical Testing

Eurofins | BLC is a UKAS, CPSC and ILAC accredited laboratory with a global customer base

Eurofins | BLC is a UK accredited laboratory with over 95 years experience in material and product testing. Our team of chemical analysis specialists and technicians are experienced in meeting the requirements of local, national and international chemical legislation.

Based in the UK, we provide chemical testing to some of the world’s largest brands. We work closely with our customers to develop an understanding of their products and manufacturing processes so that we can advise them confidently on chemical compliance. Additionally, we support businesses with managing chemical risk in their product supply chains.

At Eurofins | BLC, we pride ourselves on offering support and guidance to member customers when things go wrong. When a product or material fails testing, we will work with you to investigate why the failure occurs and offer solutions to avoid future failure. For those customers who want support beyond individual tests, we provide membership support. Eurofins | BLC Membership gives customers’ access to a range of additional support services and benefits.

In addition to chemical testing, we offer training courses, chemical compliance packages and guidance on international legislation.

Eurofins | BLC helps you keep up to date with the latest chemical news.