Chemical Testing and International Legislation

Eurofins | BLC chemical tests by legislation

Eurofins | BLC holds accreditations from UKAS, CPSC, and ILAC so you can trust us to deliver some of the most accurate chemical testing results in the industry.  Eurofins | BLC have been providing chemical testing and analysis services for over 95 years and support some of the world’s largest brands with their chemical testing requirements.

Here at Eurofins | BLC, we offer a suite of chemical tests in compliance with various international legislations. We work with our customers to understand their products or materials and provide recommendations on which legislation they should be testing against.

Eurofins | BLC conducts chemical tests to legislations covering the European Union, United States and China:

The risks of not testing your products

Understanding local, national and international chemical legislation can be a challenge for any business to successfully manufacture and supply products or materials around the world. Manufacturers, retailers and brands have a duty to protect consumers and the environment from hazardous chemicals in line with global legislative requirements.

If your business does not conduct the necessary due diligence testing, then your business is running the risk of non compliance, as well as leaving your brand open to potential negative PR should products need to be recalled and removed from sale. In many cases where products have been found to contain unsafe levels of restricted substances, they have been destroyed which poses a significant financial risk to any business which does not test their products prior to retail.

Why choose Eurofins | BLC for compliance with chemical legislation?

Chemical testing is a specialist service which requires expertise and knowledge. Eurofins | BLC is one of the fastest chemical testing laboratories in Europe and our team of scientists, chartered chemists and analytical chemistry experts have many years experience in conducting chemical testing and analysis.

We focus on providing our customers with high quality customer service. It is not uncommon for products to fail testing and when this happens we provide advice and support on why the failure may have occurred and offer solutions to resolve the problem and prevent future failures. Many testing laboratories will not provide this level of support.