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Understand the reasons why MRSL Testing for due diligence, not certification is important.

Increase in MRSL awareness

The increase in MRSL awareness has prompted chemical formulators and manufacturers to consider the value in testing their chemical formulations, to understand the downstream implications that may arise when their products are used in manufacturing processes.


Whilst suppliers of chemistry to the footwear and apparel manufacturing sectors may view the ZDHC MRSL as a ‘gold standard’, not all chemical companies are engaged with ZDHC.  Also, not all chemical providers are required to be engaged with the ZDHC MRSL as they supply outside the footwear and apparel sectors. However, many work with non-zdhc engaged customer bases so having chemicals evaluated for MRSL requirements can be considered both forward-thinking and due diligent.

Testing for Due Diligence NOT Certification

The Chem-MAP® service is designed to support customers who want to understand whether their chemicals conform to MRSL requirements but are not looking for certification. MRSL testing can be performed in accordance with the limits specified in the ZDHC MRSL, to customer own specifications or for information only purposes.

To find out more about how Chem-MAP® ’s MRSL testing services can support your business, contact a member of the Chem-MAP® team at  call +44 (0)1604 679 999 or complete the contact form below.

MRSL Testing for Due Diligence, NOT Certification
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