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Global chemical company LANXESS is seeking ZDHC Conformance Level 3 through BLC Chem-MAP. LANXESS will be taking the c-MAP Programme on Chem-MAP to achieve their ZDHC conformance.

ZDHC have approved Chem-MAP as a scheme to provide level 1 and level 3 conformance for chemical companies. Chem-MAP ensures that chemical products are compliant to MRSL specification, as well as being responsibly manufactured.

Chemical management audits and verification of chemical formulations will take place as part of the c-MAP Programme, which will provide LANXESS with the ability to list verified formulations on the ZDHC Gateway as well as achieve level 3 conformance.

International Leather Maker and Ecotextile have both published LANXESS’ commitment to Chem-MAP and to responsible chemical management.


Achieve ZDHC Conformance Level 3 through c-MAP

If your company produces chemicals for leather, textiles or synthetic materials, your business can achieve ZDHC Conformance Level 3 through Chem-MAP. The c-MAP Programme on Chem-MAP is designed specifically for chemical companies in a way that works with their current systems and demonstrates a commitment to responsible chemistry with an internationally recognised award.

Find out more about the c-MAP Programme on Chem-MAP.


Discover Chem-MAP Today

Watch the Chem-MAP video today, to find out more about how this MRSL verification scheme can help your business.


Chemical Management Support

Does your company know what chemical legislation to comply with or how your suppliers should be complying with it? Does you company need support to develop or improve chemical management systems?

BLC provides a range of chemical management services, including chemical management audits via Chem-MAP:

  • ZDHC objectives
  • Minimizes RSL failures
  • Maximizes worker safety
  • Reduces the risk of product and material contamination

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LANXESS Seeks ZDHC Conformance Level 3 via Chem-MAP
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