Lead Testing & Analysis in Materials

Eurofins | BLC lead testing and analysis services

At Eurofins | BLC, we conduct lead testing on materials and products only at our accredited testing laboratory based in the UK. Eurofins | BLC hold accreditations from UKAS (0076), CPSC (1049) and ILAC.

Eurofins | BLC lead testing services on children’s items and consumer products:

  • Total lead in surface coatings (lead in finish, lead in paint) IHM 29 to meet the requirements of CPSC-CH-E1003-09.1 and 16 CFR 1303 using microwave digestion and ICP (MS)
  • Total lead in plastics, metals, textiles and leather substrates IHM 30 to meet the requirements of CPSC-CH-E1001-08.3, and CPSCCH-E1002-08.3-; using microwave digestion, and ICP(MS)

Please note, Eurofins | BLC does not carry out lead testing for medical purposes.

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What products and materials need to be analysed for lead?

At Eurofins | BLC we are specialists in testing and analysing the lead content of materials used in product manufacture, including leather and textiles. Lead is a soft, malleable heavy metal and due to its abundance, low cost, and physical properties, lead and lead compounds have been used in a wide variety of products and are also used in pigments.

Lead can be found in a large number of consumer products, including:

  • Paints and coatings
  • Toys
  • Accessories including bags, belts and watches
  • Jewellery
  • Footwear
  • Apparel
  • Luggage

Why carry out lead testing and analysis on consumer products?

Lead is a highly toxic substance, exposure to which can produce a wide range of adverse health effects. Lead and lead compounds are reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogens based on evidence of carcinogenicity from studies in humans and sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity from studies in experimental animals. In addition to this, lead can increase blood pressure and cause fertility problems, nerve disorders, muscle and joint pain, irritability, and memory or concentration problems.

Lead content and compliant levels are covered in a large number of European and International legislations including:

Eurofins | BLC Heavy Metals Testing in Products and Materials

Eurofins | BLC carry out a wide range of heavy metals testing on consumer products and materials, including:

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Why choose Eurofins | BLC to conduct your lead testing and analysis?

  • One of the fastest testing laboratories in Europe
  • Experts in chemical testing and compliance – over 95 years’ experience
  • Technical support and guidance if and when failures occur
  • Solutions to cleanse and reduce toxic chemicals from your supply chain
  • Expert advice and solutions on legislation and supply chain compliance
  • Access to chemical supply chain specifications

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