Flame Retardants Testing

What are flame retardants?

Flame retardants testing is the testing of chemicals used in thermoplastics, thermosets, textiles, and coatings that inhibit or resist the spread of fire.

Flame retardant chemicals are added to or treat potentially flammable materials, including textiles and plastics.

The term ‘flame retardant’ refers to a function, not a family of chemicals. A variety of different chemicals, with different properties and structures, act as flame retardants and these chemicals are often combined for improved effectiveness.

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Product safety risks identified in flame retardants testing

While a large number of flame retardants are considered safe to use, there has been growing concern regarding the use of particular flame retardant chemicals. Therefore, it is essential for manufactures and suppliers of flame retardants, and retailers of products containing flame retardants to conduct flame retardants testing.

Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), for example, is a common flame retardant used to reduce the risk of fire in a wide variety of products. PBDEs are present in products such as children’s pajamas and computer’s and are excellent flame retardants. However, PBDEs have been accumulating in the environment and in human bodies. Recent reports have indicated that exposure to low concentrations of PBDEs may result in irreparable damage to the nervous and reproductive systems, and therefore they are classed as reprotoxins.

Why do you need to test flame retardants?

The control and restriction of brominated flame retardants are covered in a variety of EU legislations, including:

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