Chemical Testing of Materials and Products

Chemical testing of materials and consumer products

Eurofins | BLC provide first class chemical testing of materials and analysis services. Eurofins | BLC will test various types of materials to ensure compliance with international legislation and brand and retailer specification:

At Eurofins | BLC, we advise that all materials in products should be tested for the presence of restricted chemicals to protect consumers and the environment from potential chemical risks in-line with international legislation. Chemical compliance should feature high on the agenda for businesses manufacturing and supplying materials and products around the world.

Chemical testing is a specialist field, speed, accuracy and support are essential when partnering with a chemical testing laboratory.

Why choose Eurofins | BLC as your materials and product testing partner?

Having been established for 90 years we have extensive experience of testing various materials and products for restricted substances. Our testing team is made up of scientists, chartered chemists and analytical chemistry experts with strong scientific backgrounds. We focus on customer service, accuracy and speed, making us one of the fastest chemical testing laboratories in Europe.

We are different to many testing laboratories as we offer advice and support when materials or products fail during testing; we consult our customers as to why the failure may have occurred and provide practical recommendations to avoid repeat failure. Many testing laboratories will issue customers with a pass or fail result with no further explanation.

In addition to chemical testing and analysis, we are able offer various services to support you with international chemical compliance. If you require assistance, please contact us for further information.