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BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd. is right on the mark when it comes to testing your leather and product for Chrome VI. To ensure the accuracy of our testing practices and facilities, we regularly undertake proficiency testing, regulated by the Institute for Interlaboratory Studies (iis), Netherlands.

In the latest round we achieved a ‘Certificate of Excellence’, demonstrating pin-point accuracy in our Chromium VI in Leather test results (proficiency test reference pt:iis16Ao5) in which leather samples were tested for Chrome VI content to the international industry standard BS EN ISO 17075:2007. This achievement means our test results are proven to be some of the most accurate in the industry.

Trust BLC to deliver consistent test results

International brands place their trust in our capabilities which is ultimately passed on consumers. We are able to test in accordance with national, regional and international standards, helping to ensure compliance against global legislation. We know that the market gets frustrated by the variances between laboratory results and therefore as part of our due diligence, BLC undergoes monthly proficiency testing to ensure we are continually achieving highly accurate results. We also carry out proficiency testing in the form of inter lab trials, which is also a requirement of our ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation. We actively participate in formally recognised proficiency schemes run by accredited organisations such as LGC (TOYTEST and NIMS), iis and TEPS. They provide us with a benchmark against a higher number of laboratories. This is our preferred route for proficiency testing and also the route favoured by our independent accreditation body, UKAS: Our accreditation reference 0076.

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Chrome VI Analysis by Ion Chromatography (IC)

The current chrome VI method is under development and will soon be published in two parts: BS EN ISO 17075-1 (colorimetric) and BS EN ISO 17075-2 (IC). Analysis by Ion Chromatography, which results in no interference from the colour of the extract, is a new technique in measuring chrome VI for the leather industry and consequently, BLC has invested significantly in new equipment. More information can be provided on request.

For more information on chrome VI testing, please contact or call +44(0)1604 679999.

BLC Delivers ‘Excellence’ for Chrome VI Testing in Leather