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If your company supplies chemicals to the leather industry, your business can become Chem-MAP Certified through the BLC Chem-MAP Programme achieving ZDHC conformance level 3.

The BLC Chem-MAP Programme is a new innovative MRSL verification programme which is now ZDHC approved, providing chemical suppliers with ZDHC conformance level 3 and level 1. Watch the short video below to see how the BLC Chem-MAP Programme prevents restricted substances from entering the supply chain, protecting workers, consumers and ultimately, the environment.


Benefits of BLC Chem-MAP to Chemical Suppliers

BLC Chem-MAP enables chemical suppliers to:

  • Achieve ZDHC Conformance to Level 1 and Level 3
  • Have your Chem-MAP approved chemicals and chemical formulations uploaded to the ZDHC Gateway which can be viewed by your customers
  • Produce responsible chemicals which protect consumers, workers, and the environment

Read more supply chain benefits of the BLC Chem-MAP Programme.


Achieve ZDHC conformance level 3 – Contact BLC today

If your company needs to achieve ZDHC conformance to level 3, contact BLC today about becoming Chem-MAP certified. Email or discuss directly via telephone to +44 (0) 1604 679 999.

Achieve ZDHC conformance to level 3 with BLC Chem-MAP
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